August 2018

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Prima Cartomisers

The new Prima Cartomisers are perfect for your customers that still haven’t made the switch.

Developed with ease-of-use as a top priority, our team have designed a simple device that feels comfortably familiar to the smoker.

In the early days of vaping, cartomisers were the only way to vape. This format has had a huge resurgence in popularity, in part thanks to advancements in their production. They last longer, feel more familiar and taste far better too. Now is the perfect time to sell these devices to your customers.

If your customers still don’t realise the massive savings they’ll make and huge health benefits, the Prima Cartomiser is the perfect chance to switch them onto a healthier and more economical lifestyle.

The transition couldn’t be easier. There are no messy liquids or complicated settings – just screw in the cartomiser to the prima battery and draw. Each flavour has been expertly crafted to emulate the taste and feel of traditional cigarette smoke, with three distinct flavours to choose from, making the conversion to vaping as seamless as possible.

3 Boxes from the Prima Cartomiser Range

With over 30% of vapers in the UK still using the simple closed-tank pod format devices, the Prima Cartomiser is great opportunity for a broad section of the market. Not only is it the perfect entry-level device, but a great first step on their vaping journey. For those interested in having a little more control, our Prima e-liquid range is an ideal next step.

For many users, a cartomiser can last as long as a full pack of cigarettes – the cost saving is undeniable. The sensation of using the device is incredibly familiar and the process is hassle-free and straightforward. All of our disposable cartomisers are expertly made and safe to use.

We think this the Prima Cartomiser range is a perfect way for your customers to make the change.

Get in touch with your account manager and place an order today.

American Lites

American Lites is a reproduction of the classic light-cigarette flavor. Perfect for those who have just made the switch, it provides a smooth yet intense tobacco flavour and a perfect throat hit and will certainly satisfy any cravings to reach for a new pack.

British Tobacco

Our British Tobacco flavour is perfect for those looking to keep things traditional. Boasting a very realistic tobacco flavor, this blend has a mellow aroma and a distinct aftertaste. If you’ve just kicked the habit then this flavor might be just what you need to stick to your goals.


This is an amazing menthol flavour which provides a refreshing kick, as well as a fresh and minty aftertaste. Ideal for those looking for an escape from the stale tobacco taste, this flavour hits the spot with its icy cool notes and satisfying throat hit.

CLP Labels

As you are all aware, we have been busy over the last few months updating all your labels to ensure they are CLP compliant. On 4th May 2017, the European Commision

released the 10th ATOP of the Classification, Label;ling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures (CLP)

With this amendment, Nicotine has been re-classified wand specific ATE values are now given to work out the toxicological levels of the product and if this corresponds with the CLP labelling elements that may need to be included on the packaging. Every flavour and strength that we manufacture at Blend & Bottle is chemically broken down and analysed using the given ATE values stated in the regulations.

Blend and Bottle CLP Label

The CLP regulations resulted in a change in artwork for all labels and cartons to ensure that all our labels are fully compliant and contain all the desired elements. Our in-house designers have designed a template label that they have used across the board.

Bespoke Design Services

Did you know, Blend & Bottle offer a FULL range of Design Services? We have an accomplished creative team who are highly skilled at using their artistic flair to create innovative designs for our partners. Our creative designs include logos, product packaging, bottles labels and Point of Sale solutions. By adopting the latest CAD technology, we can speed up the prototyping process by producing true-to-life renders. These digital images are often indistinguishable from the finished product and allow our partners to see what their finished display or product is going to look like, without the need for producing costly physical prototypes.

Click here to see our complete product catalogue and design services booklet.


Our Services

Label Design

Carton Design

Counter Top Units


Flavour Menus


Flavour Sample Packs


Wall Canvases

Floor Stickers

Strut Cards

MOD Ammo

Rechargeable Batteries

Take advantage of our fantastic offer on our MOD Ammo batteries!

Our MOD Ammo Grade A rechargeable batteries coming in both 2500mAh and 3000mAh. They both boast an impressive 3.6V and a maximum continuous discharge current of 20A.

A2 MOD Ammo

Turning the Tide on Tobacco

Smoking in England hits a new low

While there rightly seems to be an ever-increasing focus on obesity and the nation’s eating habits, we can’t forget that smoking remains the nation’s biggest killer. We’ve been tackling the devasting harm tobacco causes for decades and today, we’re one step closer to the job being done.

Are e-cigarettes still contributing to the declines?

The number of vapers in England appears to have levelled off at just under 2.5 million. Most (51%) have stopped smoking and of the 45% who still smoke, half say that they are vaping in order to stop smoking. What is more, the number have quit both smoking and quit vaping has reached 770,000.

Overall, this suggests that there are:

  • 600,000 smokers who vape with no plan to quit smoking
  • 600,000 who are vaping as a means to quit
  • 1.2 million vapers who have no quit smoking
  • and over three-quarters of a million who have quit both.

What’s also interesting is that vaping is far from being a youth phenomenon as feared by many and almost entirely confined to those who have smoked. The peak ages for vaping are now 25-34 (7.8%) and 35-49 (7.9%). Almost 1 in 8 ex-smokers vape compared with less than half a percent of those who have never smoked.

Vaping Hipster
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