Prima is our flagship off the shelf range of e-liquids. Produced with the highest quality ingredients, Prima ‘Our Finest Collection’, is available in 24 incredible flavours which have been created by our highly skilled team of experts in one of the most advanced e-liquid production sites in the industry.

The 24 flavours, all produced with e-liquid ingredients sourced only from industry leading suppliers, are available in 50/50 – 6mg, 12mg and 18mg, as well as 80/20 – 3mg.

In addition to our range of premium e-liquids, we’re happy to introduce our Prima Cartomiser range. Expertly designed for an incredibly easy vaping experience, the Prima Cartomiser is the perfect device for those looking to make the switch.

Our expert team of Sales and Marketing specialists are committed to providing you and your customers with an excellent level of service along with any advice and guidance you might need in order to promote this premium brand.

The Prima Cartomiser

Prima’s new range of cartomiser e-cigarettes are perfect for smokers keen to make the switch, offering comfortable familiarity in an incredibly easy to use form.

These cartomisers have been expertly designed to give you a quick and easy vaping experience.  Each one contains an ample amount of the e-liquid of your choice, which simply screws into the battery unit to give you a simple and efficient way to vape.

All of our disposable cartomisers are expertly made and safe to use.


Our Range of Flavours

Our range of disposable cartomisers is available in 3 different flavours and nicotine strengths to suit all vaping preferences. Emulating the look and feel of real cigarettes, our cartomisers are an ideal starting point for those who are trying to kick the habit.

Our tobacco flavours have been carefully designed to simulate the taste of traditional cigarette smoke, while those looking for an experience similar to menthol cigarettes will find our menthol flavour cartomisers to be the perfect starting point.

American Lites

American Lites is a reproduction of the classic light-cigarette flavor. Perfect for those who have just made the switch, it provides a smooth yet intense tobacco flavour and a perfect throat hit and will certainly satisfy any cravings to reach for a new pack.

British Tobacco

Our British Tobacco flavour is perfect for those looking to keep things traditional. Boasting a very realistic tobacco flavor, this blend has a mellow aroma and a distinct aftertaste. If you’ve just kicked the habit, then this flavor might be just what you need to stick to your goals.


This is an amazing menthol flavour which provides a refreshing kick, as well as a fresh and minty aftertaste. Ideal for those looking for an escape from the stale tobacco taste, this flavour hits the spot with its icy cool notes and satisfying throat hit.

The Prima Cartomiser Battery

The Prima cartomisers combine with our battery unit to emulate the look and feel of real cigarettes. Together, they form an ideal starting point for those who are trying to kick the habit.

This device is a stylish electronic cigarette battery that is easy to use and long lasting, with a powerful 280mAh battery. An LED tip illuminates when it’s in use and displays the device’s battery status.

Simply screw a cartomiser onto our Prima 280mAh battery and you’re set. With no button to activate the device, all you need to do is draw, just like a real cigarette.

Prima CART battery plus device - no CART

An Exceptional Shelf-Ready Range

The Prima e-liquid range offers retailers incredible shelf ready products, in a range of flavours and strengths to cater for all tastes and preferences. By manufacturing ourselves at our pharma grade facility and by being able to hold stock we have dramatically reduced lead times. Blend and Bottle also offer unrivalled marketing support to aid promotion in store.

‘Our Finest Collection’ will be an asset to any vape store range.

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