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We’re committed to producing only the highest quality products. That’s why we are putting our ‘Trust What You Inhale’ seal on all our e-liquid products and branding.

It represents our promise to only ever supply you with the safest and highest quality e-liquids, and our commitment to all necessary regulations and guidelines. We want our customers to have absolute trust in our products, so you can buy with complete confidence in our products.

We take into consideration any potential risks and employ emissions testing, registrations and CLP ingredient breakdowns, in addition to all warnings and instructions considered to be consistent with a high level of consumer protection.

We ensure uniformity in both flavour and consistency by adopting a rigorous testing programme, and we use the highest quality ingredients in all our mixtures, including nicotine sourced from Switzerland and flavours produced by trusted flavour houses in the UK and Europe. We work with them closely to ensure our products are of the highest quality and regulatory standards.

Emissions Testing

To fulfil the requirements of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), introduced in May 2017, all our e-liquids are emission tested to the highest standards available. This type of testing forms a vital part of TPD compliance, verifying the absence of harmful compounds. Our structured testing procedures are completed externally by UKAS certificated laboratories, while our on-site laboratory assures uniformity and quality in our products.

Despite not being covered by the TPD directive, short-fill bottles of our e-liquids are governed by the General Product Safety Regulations and follow the same strict standards of safety and quality as all the products in our range.

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Traceability is a legal requirement that helps give our customers complete peace of mind. When required, we have the processes in place to ensure a product can be traced right back to its source.

In order to provide absolute accountability, we make sure that every ingredient, flavouring, mixed product, as well as any individual bottle, is batch coded and logged into our system. All our flavours are specifically manufactured to account for the regulations imposed by TPD, and we audit every supplier to ensure their quality control and manufacturing standards are in line with our own. We receive safety data sheets and technical specifications for each batch we receive, ensuring consistency in every part of the production process.


Our flavour development team insist on using only the highest quality ingredients. Aside from nicotine content, exactly the same ingredients are used for both our 10ml and 50ml ranges. We use a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry instrument for on-site testing, which enables deep level analysis of both ingredients and our final products.

We believe that the ability to distinguish our products from those of the competition always comes down to the exemplary quality of the ingredients we use, helping to make sure we maintain our exceptional reputation for creating brilliant e-liquids.

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Our ISO Certification

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation, our facilities and equipment are constantly being reviewed and developed. We pride ourselves on having pharma-grade production standards, operating out of a 32,000 sqft facility. All of our production equipment is housed in a state-of-the-art cleanroom, and all of our staff are trained to adhere to strict hygiene processes.

Our commitment to continually improving our production capabilities ensures we’re one of the best-equipped e-liquid manufacturers in the industry.

CLP Ingredient Breakdown

As part of TPD, we make sure that both our 10ml and 50ml ranges conform to the same rigorous regulation. Each CLP label includes the bottle capacity, nicotine rate (if applicable), ‘Warning’ icon, batch number and best before date, usage contraindication, as well as a full ingredient breakdown.

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The Blend & Bottle Seal of Quality and Assurance will be placed on all our packaging, providing customers with the guarantee that the e-liquids are fully TPD Compliant, use only the highest quality ingredients and are manufactured to pharma-grade production standards. At Blend & Bottle, we do not compromise on quality, ensuring we always meet the standards expected by our customers.

Interested in becoming a stockist of our e-liquids? Or would you like to work with us to produce your own e-liquid brand?

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We can provide you with a shelf ready, fully compliant, core range of 60+ flavours in a range of strengths and VG/PG ratios.

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