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Our white label e-liquid production is second to none.

With almost a decade of experience, we’ve gained a brilliant reputation for the production of white label e-liquid products.

Having created a number of successful internal brands, we are able to utilise our outstanding manufacturing quality, production expertise and knowledge of the e-liquid market to create OEM brands for our business partners. We produce over 100,000 bottles per month and ship our products to retailers and distributors nationwide.

We can match your brand’s needs to our extensive flavour menu. We can now produce CBD e-liquids, so our partners can expand their product ranges even further.

Got an idea for your e-liquid brand? Our design team can work with you to create a memorable brand that sells. Our team can create a full suite of design and marketing materials, from logo design to label production, right through to POS materials, posters and apparel, to make sure your liquid really stands out.

Blend and Bottle White Label Bottle Examples

We can create specialised e-liquids for your brand.

Whilst we have a range of pre-registered core flavours for off the shelf solutions. Our e-liquid development laboratory uses only the highest quality flavourings from leading flavour houses and we have a reputation for creating exceptional e-liquids. Ongoing testing ensures that our flavours remain at a high quality from the first batch to the last.

With over 100 core flavours already registered, we’re able to combine them with pharmaceutical grade additions.

We’ve added CBD to our core range of products for 2018, currently available in 5 flavours based on our most popular blends:

Double Menthol, Heizen, Forest Fruits, Blackcurrant and Strawberry & Lime


White Label E-Liquid Bottle

High VG

White Label High VG Bottle

Nicotine Salts

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White Label CBD Production Bottle
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50-50 E-Liquids

50-50 PG to VG ratio e-liquids still occupies 80% of the market share of e-liquid sales.

With over 150 registered flavours, our innovative mixing team are adept at producing delicious and vibrant e-liquids that your customers will keep coming back to.

These standard form liquids are ideal for vapers who want an easy way to consume nicotine with access to a huge range of flavours.

Get in touch with us and find out what flavours we can offer your White Label brand.

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High VG

Our High VG e-liquids are incredibly popular with the innovative vape culture. The community of cloud-chasers is always one step ahead with innovative ways to vape.

Our HVG liquids are crafted to be perfect for sub-oHm vapes. Packed with flavour and tested on a range of devices, we make sure they’re full of vapour and flavour.

To find out more about our range, click the button below.

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Nicotine Salts

By using nicotine in an organic salt form, instead of freebase nicotine, we’re able to produce high strength e-liquids without compromising on flavour.

With a standard nicotine strength of 18mg, nic salts offer users a strong nicotine hit without the harshness on the throat typically associated with 18mg e-liquids.

We use nicotine ditartrate as our flagship nic salt formula. Our testing has shown it delivers the smoothest and most satisfying vape, whilst not affecting our expertly crafted flavour profiles.

Interested in adding this unique product to your range? Get in touch today!

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The CBD market has grown exponentially in the UK and worldwide, sparked by the huge interest in its reported benefits.

Vaping e-liquid is the most effective and efficient way to absorb CBD. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our process yields uniform levels of the compound, using a CBD isolate extracted using a CO2 extraction method which strips the hemp plant at a molecular level, ensuring purity and standardisation.

We take the industry regulation seriously, and go above and beyond to adhere to all necessary regulatory steps.

Interested in this exciting new product? Click here to find out more or get in touch below.

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To have our design team to create an initial mock up of how your brand will look, or to discuss your eliquid brand ideas further, please fill in the following form providing as much information as possible.

Blend and Bottle White Label Bottle Examples


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